Remote means affordable

Most of IT specialists in the world do not visit their offices and prefer to work at home.
We gladly provide services from our digital agency remotely, so we can guarantee you proper results with less expenses.

On page SEO audit

To promote the site without interference, do a seo-audit yourself or order it on the side. There are many services for automatic site audit, but so far we have not met such tools that could perform this task on a turnkey basis as well as an experienced seo-specialist. Therefore, the price of an audit of 500 rubles, and such proposals on the freelance market full, should alert you rather than rejoice.

How we do the audit and what it includes.

Do not hide the fact that we also use platform analyzers. But not just one, but several dozens of them. Here are some of them:,,, Plus a lot of time we study the site using it from the visitor side, from the webmaster panel, the console and the statistics and in the process find errors and weaknesses.

Site indexing

If one search engine machine has indexed documents in several times more than the other, it should be alerted. The presence of valid xml maps in robots.txt is mandatory. The presence of links in the navigation of all the important pages of the site.

Duplicate content checking

The service for text checking, pages with uniqueness below 60% can cause a drop in traffic.


Nesting levels should be within 2-3. Exclude such as /1/2/3/nazvanie/. NC in English give the boost in Google, and the transliteration in Yandex. Separate the words from each other necessarily, but only with a dash. Do not make your CNC very long than 7-8 words. Avoid Cyrillic NC. The Cyrillic occurrence of the key in the domain is justified if all Latin variants are busy.

Java-Script bugs.

Up to date for 2020 error correction is described here


Checked at or a similar resource.

Mobile usability

Checked in the google search console. You type in the url of the validation field and get an answer.


Check in cache if there’s no difference between indexed document from cache and present on such hidden elements as text, pictures and so on.


For many topics is the “gold mine” of traffic: IM, recipes, infosites. If it is embedded in the site, it should be periodically checked

Duplicates on the site

These can be the same pages at different addresses – complete duplicates. So partial duplicates: pieces of text placed on the page or in the meta tags. They spoil the picture throughout the site and they are easy to catch with a paid netpeak spider and checker or in the trial free mode jetoctopus.

Loading Speed

A very important ranking factor and a deep theme, but many people turn a blind eye as long as their site is in the average load speed area. Tools and In addition to implementing AMPs and turbo pages, there are many methods of reducing load times:


reducing the amount of graphics
reduce browser requests, use CSS sprites
reduce size of CSS and JavaScript code (,
An element of the site that tells search engine bots how your site should and should not be indexed.